GeoSpeed- Paper fills

Geospeed is a perfect choice for filling the empty spaces by means of paper fills.

  • Geospeed is mainly used for packaging of sharp products and for items that require both absorption and thermal insulation. The product is wrapped in paper fills. GeoSpeed can produce up to 3.8 meters of paper pads in 1 second.

  • Benefits

  • fast, automatic and easy operation
  • ecological product
  • environmentally friendly
  • 100% recycled paper
  • high protection of the product against damage
  • paper cushions in different sizes
  • Specification of the roll Quantum :

  • Weight of the roll: 12 kg
  • Meters in 1 roll: 800 m
  • Width of the roll: 305 mm
nameGeoSpeed - CZ
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nameGeoSpeed - EN
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GeoSpeed 100
NameWidthMeters in 1 roll
paper roll GEO 50g/m2 685 mm500 m
paper roll GEO 70g/m2 685 mm 500 m
paper roll GEO 90g/m2 685 mm500 m